Connecting through online dating

Whether it’s through chat or a dating site, it’s important to remember that virtual dating is the gateway to a date … in real life! However, the search “online” is something that should not be improvised. Among the questions we give to singles, one point that must be stressed is the need to use all the platforms that unite people with the sole objective of getting a first date in person as quickly as possible. The purpose of the online seduction plan is not to spend time online and keep long conversations on the net, but to get useful results, such as an email address or a phone number so that you can continue to be in contact everyday. That’s why we say that flirting on the Internet is authentically a matter of method.

Contact a dating site

In general, people who like you want to meet other people, provide their basic information needed to get in touch. At dating sites, the private messaging space allows you to start a conversation online. It tries at all times to obtain personal contact information (such as email, or telephone).

Once with the e-mail in your pocket, electronic correspondence begins and can quickly become something addictive. To take advantage of your potential, you do not have to focus on a particular profile, but get in touch with several different people. That said, the electronic “bombing” technique has to be used very carefully, because if your goal in mind is part of a pack, you will lose many points!
In addition, electronic correspondence should not be perpetuated over time, it can not last long. Remember that your main goal is to know the person in the flesh! Some women may be more indecisive than others, and they are worried and uncomfortable about having a first date in the real world (shyness, fear of the unknown, insecurity, etc.).

Get in touch with more singles

You certainly do not have to focus on one person, so you can multiply opportunities for dating. On the other hand, you can not carry 10 people at a time if you are not able to handle multiple conversations at the same time. The person must feel unique. For example, when you talk to her, you have to answer in less than a minute, and the risk that he or she will “zapping” you will be less.

Get a phone number

First step towards a real encounter: the telephone conversation. Enough hiding behind chats and emails, it’s time to start a real conversation out loud! That said, do not flee from the “text messages”, which are a complement to the talk in some aspects. Just before you get there, you must get the famous “Open Sesame”: the phone number!

In general, you should not ask too fast or use phrases that make you look forward to getting the phone number. No. So instead of “asking” for a phone number, it’s better to offer yours: that way you open the door for more intimate communication. It is very simple, just write a small message/email mentioning your personal number: “Do not hesitate to call me so we can talk 5 minutes” followed by a “I would love to talk a little with you”

If you get a positive answer, you win!

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