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If you are black or from mexico, or if you simply enjoy people from that culture, then you may want to consider dating online. With the thousands of dating sites available on the Internet, many have decided to refine their customer base, and make it easier for people to find the person they are looking for in a date, companion, or lifetime mate.

Admittedly, the culture is definitely different than someone who has grown up in Midwest America, Japan, or any other culture. The family traditions, holidays, food preferences, music and even the way people dress is influenced by their history, ethnicity and upbringing. Although it may seem prejudicial to be so picky, it is not.

For example, one of my best friends is from the Philippines. I truly enjoy her company, and I love hearing stories about how she grew up. But, I am not partial to the foods she prefers to eat. Even if I like spicy foods, they do not like me. But, it is also the difference in the foods themselves. While I grew up on a diet of meat and potatoes, she likes a lot of foods requiring ingredients she cannot even purchase at the local market.

But, it is not just the difference in the foods we eat. How we were raised, how we raise our children, and what aspects of life most valuable are different. Although I do not mind these differences, I would have to admit that it would be an added challenge to date or live with someone who had a similar background and tastes.

So, I can fully appreciate why many people will be interested in a online dating for finding someone to date. Then, the cultural issues will not even be a deciding factor in determining whether this person is worthy of a second date or even a long-term relationship. Instead, the time can be spent on other core issues that can make or break a date. With the plethora of sites available, anything key ideal that can help narrow the search for the perfect date is okay in my book.

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