What Hugs Can Mean

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We human beings seem to want to be held a lot. If we feel bad about something, we feel the need to be held. This not only goes for women, but also for men. When were very happy or very sad, a hug can make a difference.

Apparently, there are different kinds of hugs that you can share with your family, friends and your romantic partner. From comforting to inviting to a confession of love, hugs can mean anything.

The BrightSide came up with this article about how different hugs mean different things.

The Naughty Hug

This guy has a stormy temper, and he can’t wait to move your relationship to a new stage. And thus he seeks to quickly demonstrate that his woman belongs to him and only him. If your relationship has just begun, and he is already not watching his hands, this hardly speaks of deep feelings. He could just be a player. But if you have been together for a long time, then there is nothing wrong with such flirting. Quite the contrary, the fire is still burning, and his love is still aflame.

The Strong Hug

If a man hugs you firmly, lightly stroking your back, then you are lucky: he treats you very well and cherishes you. Such men are very sincere and romantic, and they dream of a strong and happy family. Incidentally, they also make excellent husbands — so take a closer look at him.

The post was very specific about the different kinds of hugs and apparently, some are not as warm as it is supposed to be.

The distant hug is something very awkward and I think it would be best to stick with a handshake instead of hugging someone you are not comfortable with. At least, it wouldn’t be so fake.

The back hug on the other hand is something I see a lot in Asian dramas and movies. The male lead in the story would hug the female lead from behind and it was apparently symbolic of being a protector.

There is something very comforting and reassuring when we are in an embrace, because this physical connection can be very warm and comforting. Knowing that you can rely on someone makes you feel secure, right?

Don’t you think it’s awesome that hugs mean so much? Share your thoughts and comment down below.

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